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Vice President of University of Baguio, the Philippines, Visited XVTC

Date:2019-09-27  |  Author:

JaniceKaylyn Lonogan, Vice President of University of Baguio, the Philippines, visited XVTC with her delegation on September 26th.



Accompanied by Wei Wenping, Director of International Exchange and Cooperation, the delegation had a campus tour visiting training centers in the Medical School, the gymnasium, as well as the National Culture and Art Museum, where they raved about the modern facility and advanced teaching equipment.


A meeting, where both parties shared opinions on possible cooperation, was held after their campus tour. After watching the publicity videos of both schools, Yang Xinyu, Vice President gave a brief introduction to the history, majors, students and international cooperation of the college. Janice Lonogan also introduced their advantage disciplines and international programs, such as "3+1" or "2+2" top-up and student exchange programs. Yang hoped that XVTC would start the cooperation with University of Baguio in the near future.

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