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XVTC New Students of 2019 Start Milit?ary Training

Date:2019-09-10  |  Author:


The Opening Ceremony of 2019 XVTC New Students' Military Training was held in the XVTC stadium at 9:00, September 9th. 6500 new students started their 15-day-long military training, which is a must for all the freshmen in colleges and universities nationwide. Vice President Wang Hui, Head of Military Training Regimen, Hui Bangyong, Secretaries of Party General Branch and Student Development Office Staff of secondary schools, student counselors as well as faculty in the Department of Student Affairs took part in the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Wang Hui welcomed all the new students to XVTC, and hoped that the military training would stimulate the students' patriotic enthusiasm, enhance their national defense concept and national security consciousness as well as cultivate their style of hard work.



Instructor Representative Li Pengfeiencouraged all the students to do their best in the military training. In his speech, student representative Li Chenyang expressed his determination to complete the military training with high standards and quality.

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