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Korean Student of XVTC Honored the Award of Excellence in National Classic Reading Competition

Date:2019-09-17  |  Author:

Choi Jun, a Korean student of XVTC was recently honored the Award of Excellence in 2019 National Chinese Traditional Classic Reading Competition with his recitation of When Will the Moon be Clear and Bright, a classical poem of Su Shi.

Choi was one of the first international students studying in Xianyang Vocational and Technical College. With his enthusiasm in Chinese traditional literature, he took part in the provincial Classic Reading Competition in May. Doing a great job in the competition, his recitation with costume and Chinese traditional music was selected to take part in the national competition. After a three-month-long evaluation, he was finally honored the Award of Excellence.

Choi said that it was his great honor to take part in the competition and win the award. He expressed his gratitude to XVTC, his teacher, Men Pengrui as well as his classmates.

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