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XVTC Welcomes 7,000 New Students

Date:2019-09-06  |  Author:


On the morning of September 5th, XVTC welcomes its 7,000 new students of class 2019, who, with their visionary thoughts about the future, will very soon start the new phase of their life here in this nationally renowned college in the ancient capital of Xianyang and realize their dreams.

In order to provide the new XVTCers with the best service, faculty have made full preparation. School buses are arranged to pick up new students from the airport and railway stations, luggage stations are set on campus, convenient online payment, such as WeChat is accepted, and volunteers are all over campus as well as the airport and train station to help new students and parents.





The monitoring system, which is used for the first time this year, shows the real time data of the enrollment.



Orientation is scheduled on September 7th and 8th, followed by the military training starting on September 9th, after which the new students will officially start their new school year.

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